Here are books that we have found to be helpful from understanding gender identity and working through the journey to learning more of who God says that we are if we belong to Him and His truth.

If you have found resources that you would like to suggest, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know!

Love Thy Body

by: Nancy Pearsey

While the book addressed numerous issues regarding the body, the chapters regarding transgenderism and sexuality are beautifully crafted. Nancy Pearsey deconstructs society's dualistic worldview of personhood theory - separating my body from my "true"self.

Abba's Child

by: Brennan Manning

Brennan Manning beautifully calls us to remove our perfect masks, embrace honesty, and be vulnerable. All the while, knowing that God loves you. And not just loves you but He likes you....a lot. God is very fond of you! 

How People Grow

by: Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

A powerful book that encourages us to look at the beautiful picture of who God is creating his people to be and to seek the Master Gardener. An in-depth look beyond the surface issues but to dive deep regarding the truths of who we are being made into. 

Healing for Damaged Emotions

by: David Seamands

This book has been a breath of fresh air to individuals who struggle with issues of shame, guilt, perfectionism, and self-loathing. It shines truth onto lies that we can believe and points us to the truth of God says that we are as opposed to who often tell ourselves. You are loved!


by: Jay Stringer

Jay Stringer pulls from his extensive training as a Therapist weaving his experiences and stories into a powerful case for healing from sexual brokenness. He does not paint someone struggling with their sexuality as someone that is dirty but someone that is beautiful and need healing and restoration (as everyone does). 


by: Vaughan Roberts

An excellent primer for this issue of transgender and what it means. The book is aimed at encouraging people to love and care for those who wrestle with gender identity incongruence. It is a sensitive book written by a man who understands the struggle and journey.

Transgender Confusion:

A Biblical Based Q&A for Families

by: Denise Shick

This book provides a biblical lens through which to view the issue of transgenderism. With personal stories and a Q&A section, this is very practical and relevant to families with loved one who struggle with their gender identity.

Living in a Gray World

by: Preston Sprinkle

While written towards teens and aimed at addressing the issue of homosexuality, this powerful little book discusses more than homosexuality but, more so, how to love people deeply. Dr. Sprinkle writes with intense love and compassion for those who struggle with their gender.

Transgender to Transformed

by: Laura Perry


Holy Sexuality and the Gospel

by: Christopher Yuan


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