Our Story

As a boy who struggled with his gender identity and wrestled with a deep desire to be female, I remember feeling very alone. I felt that there was no one who dealt or struggled with their gender identity as I did.


I would repeatedly gather the courage and reach out to someone I might trust such as a Pastor or Counselor to seek help and support. The response was generally the same. I would get a deer-in-the-headlights look from them as they scramble to come up with something to say. I would leave their office and this issue was rarely or never talked about again. This did nothing but reinforce in my mind that I am completely alone in this journey and no one knows what to do about it.

I remember over the years, searching for anything from a Christian perspective on this issue of transsexuality. I came up empty. I looked on the internet and found a great deal of information that would support me in my desire to change my sex and there was a community that would embrace this lifestyle. But, I knew this was not correct. So where was the help and the community for me in my struggle? I had a very hard time finding any.

Eventually, I found one small organization that did approach this issue from a Biblical foundation and I was elated to finally be connected with a person that got this! As time progressed, I have engaged with a couple of organizations that sought to support those who struggle with their gender from a biblically based foundation. Yet, oftentimes the focus is on the person who is coming back to their original gender after a period living as the opposite sex, or perhaps the primary focus is on the families of the person who is pursuing life as the opposite gender. What NeverUnloved wants to be is a place for men and women who are battling with transgender feelings and desires but who seek to not act upon them.  

NeverUnloved was birthed out of the desire to see a community develop out of people that struggle with their gender identity yet do not view transitioning their physical appearance as the correct option.


NeverUnloved wants to be a safe and loving place to share, to encourage in the truth, to support one another, and be community to one another for those who live with unwanted gender identity struggles and desires. Where I struggled with feelings of being along and misundertood, this place is where you can be known and belong together. You are never alone as you can know that God loves you and there are others who desire to know and support you as you seek to be who God made you.


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