The screaming comes from my body’s core. I enter my boat to sail off-shore. Not once looking back, for nevermore Will I pass this way again. Now wondering ever which way I’ll go. I glance down into the river’s tow. Constantly following the water’s flow, I think of the life I lead.

I lay at the bottom of this boat at sea. This ship of mine, my morality. The waves around call out to me. I know I must not give in. What I want is what I hate. I sit in my boat and contemplate The screams inside me, which cannot wait For the day that I stop sailing. The waves, they crash and hit my side. I’m sure I failed, I’ve compromised. Forevermore my innocence died, But still my small boat sails on.

What hand is this that I must follow? That keeps me out of the river’s swallow. I feel so pointless, empty and hollow. I need to hear more than this screaming.

So from the floor of this boat I’m in, I pray that my Captain would come within. And through Him I find that I shall win As He guides me against the river. I still hear the screams and the river around. But to my great pleasure a relief I have found. The noises I hear make a much quieter sound When I focus upon my Captain. The river still holds and attraction to me. But in my ship I know I’m free. For through my Captain I can finally see That the screams and the river want me dead.

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