A Bit About Us

The answer is not to succumb to the desire to live like another person, but rather to be built up and loved for the person you are today.

NeverUnloved is a community that is aimed at reaching out to those who are wrestling with their gender identity and transsexuality. The purpose and aim of the ministry is to provide love and compassion to those who are trying to reconcile who they want to be with who God has created them to be. It is through knowing God that we are able to see clearly who He created us to be and to live within that truth. 

We are for people and in particular those who are uncomfortable with their gender

We are for a community that encourages one another and points each other toward truth.

We are for letting others know that they are never alone.

We are working to develop a forum platform by which people can come and dialogue with one another about their journey struggling with gender identity issues and transgenderism. 

We also want to be a place of support for those who you love and who love you as you're walking this difficult path.

"Ultimately we believe that our true identity comes from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Jesus said that he wants us to have an abundant life and experience life to the full! Jesus loves you right where you’re at! You don’t have to do anything to earn that love as He has already given that to you. Your job is simply to accept that love and to see God work in your life." 

If you would like to learn more about our backstory and how NeverUnloved came about.

If you would like more information on our beliefs and understanding of gender and transgenderism.

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